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Course on Cyber Security at IIT Kharagpur [April 13-17]: Register by Apr 1

By: Jasmeet | 16 Feb 2020 1:41 AM

IIT Kharagpur is organizing a short term Course on Cyber Security from April 13 to 17, 2020. The aim of this course is to introduce the areas of cryptography and cybersecurity to the participants. This course develops a basic understanding of the algorithms used to protect users online and addresses some of the design choices behind these algorithms.

One of the major focus in this course is to build a workable knowledge of mathematics used in cryptology and cybersecurity. The course emphasizes to provide a basic understanding of previous attacks on cryptosystems with the aim of preventing future attacks.

Course Content
  1. Introduction to Classical Cryptography
  2. Block and Stream cipher
  3. Data Encryption Standard (DES) & Modes of operations
  4. Modes of Operations
  5. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  6. Generic attacks on Symmetric Ciphers
  7. Introduction to Public Key Cryptography
  8. Key-exchange Protocols
  9. Secret Sharing
  10. Elliptic Curve ElGamal
  11. One-way Functions
  12. Hash Functions
  13. Digital Signatures
  14. Message Authentication Code
  15. Pseudorandom Generators
  16. Pretty Good Privacy
  17. Transport Level Security
  18. The Secure Socket Layer
  19. Wireless Network Security
  20. Electronic Mail System
  21. Key Distribution Approaches
  22. Infrastructure Security in Real World
  23. Protecting Operating Systems
  24. Defending Against Vulnerabilities
  25. Local Network Security
  26. Password Protection
Who can Attend?

Teachers of TEQIP-III approved degree level engineering colleges, Research Scholars, Ph.D., U.G., and P.G. students are invited to apply.

Registration Fees
  1. Nil for TEQIP-III sponsored participants
  2. For others – INR 10,000/- (Ten thousand) + GST @18% per participant

Accommodation will be provided to the TEQIPIII sponsored participants at the campus Guesthouse. For other participants, the same will be provided on a chargeable basis as per rule.


To register online for the course, click here. The last date to register is April 1, 2020.


Phone Number: +91-3222-283644

Email ID:

For further details, click here.

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