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Cancer, a catastrophic disease, is one of the major causes of death irrespective of age and gender. To date, safe treatment for cancer is not yet available. Over the past several years considerable improvements have been made in therapeutics, however this
disease still remains one of the major causes of death. Resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs is one of the main obstacles for effective cancer treatment.

This course has been designed to  focus on evolving strategies to develop newer lead molecules from natural products  utilizing organic chemistry, which will not only treat cancer but also overcome any future resistance caused by them.


• The overall philosophy of this program is to integrate organic chemistry with applied cancer research. The scientific focus is on exploring novel targets and therapeutic strategies that will facilitate overcoming drug resistance during clinical use.
• This program emphasizes in providing an in-depth understanding of Oncogenesis and the opportunity to explore the scientific rationale for various therapeutic options. The curriculum includes core course in tumor biology, special topics about drug resistance, drug design (concepts and strategies) and perceptive on translational cancer research. To achieve these goals, this program utilizes instructors with expertise in the area of synthetic chemistry, cell biology, and molecular pharmacology.


• Faculty Members
• Postdoctoral fellows and Researchers (all levels) from various organizations including R&D laboratories and Industries.
• Students at all levels (M.Sc./B.Tech/Ph.D./M.Tech.)

Course Fees

Faculty Members: Rs. 2000
Industry/ Research organizations: Rs. 5000
Guest faculties / Research Scholars: Rs. 1000
Students: Rs. 500
International participants: $ 300


Email: bksaroj35@gmail.com
Contact No: (Office) +91-824- 2287847 / 2287384
(Cell) 9886273404

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