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Course on Current Trends in Antenna Design @ IIT Kharagpur [Nov 18-22]: Apply by Nov 11: Expired


Current microwave systems for transmission and radiation of electromagnetic waves have to meet the competing requirements of enhanced functionality, low loss, reduced size and weight and low cost. It is important to appreciate that many of the design goals in modern efficient and miniaturized systems are self-conflicting.
For example, the incorporation of multiband or broadband characteristics involves an increase in physical size, which may have to be carefully optimized in handheld and wireless systems where space is at a premium. Similarly, the development of low-loss devices, one of the focus areas of the course, is crucial for successful operation at the Ka and Ku -bands and beyond.

Program Objectives
  1. Traditional technologies like the microstrip are prohibitively lossy at 20-30 GHz frequencies and beyond.
  2. The rectangular waveguide based designs, though satisfying the loss requirements, are comparatively bulky and difficult to effectively integrate with planar components.
  3. Keeping the above in view, the design and analysis of efficient modern systems will be addressed with particular emphasis on low-loss guided structures and antennas.
  4. Reconfigurable antenna for mobile and wireless communication and current antenna
    miniaturization techniques for the realization of sub-wavelength radiating structures would be discussed.
  5. In addition, metamaterials and their role in the design of systems with enhanced
    performance would be addressed. These include the design and realization of metamaterials, the design of electrically small antennas based on metamaterials and miniaturization of radiating structures based on the zeroeth order resonance.
Program Content
  • Basic Electromagnetic Theory
  • Low Loss antennas and Guided Structures
  • Green’s Function Analysis of Antennas
  • Antenna Miniaturization
  • Metamaterials
  • Reconfigurable antennas
Lab Experiments
  • Metamaterial Antenna
  • SIW fed DRA
  • Horn antenna
  • Planar Dipole & Slot Antenna
  • Ring Resonator
  • Microstrip Antenna
  • Gunn Diode
  • Microwave Test Bench
  • VNA
Program Fee

INR 15000/- + GST 18% (for teachers and others)
INR 10000/- + GST 18% (for outside students)
INR 20000/- + GST 18% (for industry participants)
The last date to apply is November 11.


Interested candidates can register by clicking here.


Phone Number: +91-3222-283534
Email ID: bghosh@ece.iitkgp.ac.in

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