About the Course

The course combines lecture, discussion, critiquing workshops, and out-of-class assignments to give the students opportunities to not only learn the most advanced techniques for communicating scientific research, but also to speak and write about their research and to receive feedback on those efforts. This course is designed to help graduate students make their research communications more understandable, memorable, and persuasive.

The course will be based on two textbooks, The Craft of Scientific Presentations and The Craft of Scientific Writing, both of which are authored by Michael Alley, the foreign faculty member for the course.


Participants in the course will learn about: 1. Presentations: Patiently orient your audience in the beginning by anchoring what is new with what is familiar 2. Presentations: Build technical presentations on messages 3. Presentations: Support messages with visual evidence 4. Presentations: Achieve confidence in delivery through fashioning sentences on the spot after planning and practice.

5. Papers and Posters: Analyze what audience knows and why they are reading 6. Papers and Posters: Cast each idea into a precise and clear sentence 7. Papers and Posters: Connect sentences by beginning with the familiar and moving to the new 2 8. Papers and Posters: Maintain energy in paragraphs by selecting strong verbs and cutting needless words.


▪ Executives, engineers and researchers from manufacturing, service and government
organizations including R&D laboratories.
▪ Students at all levels (BS/MS/PhD) or Faculty from reputed academic institutions and
technical institutions.

Course Fees

The participation fees for taking the course is as follows:
Participants from abroad: US $300
Participants from Industry: INR 3000
Participants from Govt. Organizations: INR 2000
The above fee includes all instructional materials and assignments and 24 hr free internet facility. The participants will be provided with accommodation on payment basis.


Phone: +91-8195968252
E-mail: salunke@pu.ac.in

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