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Course on Basics of Weather Dynamics @ IIT Bombay [Dec 6-7]: Register by Nov 20: Expired


Weather isn’t always easy to predict owing to the complex process dynamics and their non-linear interaction. It is very well known that the atmosphere and ocean are chaotic systems, and even the best forecasts involve some level of uncertainty. Fortunately, the basic mechanisms of dynamic meteorology are relatively well understood, even if the results aren’t always predictable.
The fundamental understanding of these processes would at least aid in the ability to forecast the weather and diagnose it as it happens. The course intends to cover the physics behind the meteorological processes, which occur on a range of spatial and temporal scales.

Course Content

The following modules will be covered in this course:

  • Parameters governing weather and their definitions,
  • Mechanics of environmental motions,
  • Conservation laws,
  • Mathematical equations & General circulation models (GCMs),
  • Cellular circulations,
  • Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ),
  • Cloud formation and physics,
  • Low pressure and high-pressure systems,
  • Monsoon circulation,
  • Thunderstorms,
  • Kelvin and Rossby waves,
  • El Nino Southern Oscillations,
  • Madden Julian Oscillation,
  • Tropical cyclones,
  • Case studies using charts,
  • Basic weather prediction tools,
  • Short tutorials.
Who can Attend?

Research scholars, Students, Journalists, Scientists, Budding meteorologists, Weather enthusiasts, and Industry personnel.


To register for the course, click here.
The last date to register is November 20, 2019.


Phone Number: 022 2572 2545

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