Online Course on Basics of Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System & Global Navigation Satellite System by ISRO & IIRS [Aug 16-Nov 26]: Registrations Open


The Indian Institute of Remote Sensing Applications (IIRS) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) are together organizing an Online Course on the Basics of Remote Sensing, Geographical Information systems & Global Navigation Satellite systems from August 16 to November 16, 2021.

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) under Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Department of Space, Govt. of India is a premier Training and Educational Institute set up for developing trained professionals in the field of Remote Sensing, Geoinformatics and GNSS Technology for Natural Resources, Environmental, and Disaster Management.

Course Modules

IIRS announces the following courses commencing from August 16, 2021. The participants can register for either comprehensive course or individual modules (only three) of their choice:

  • Basics of Remote Sensing, GIS and GNSS: Comprehensive course consisting of above five courses.
  • Remote Sensing and Digital Image Analysis: Basic Principles of Remote Sensing, Earth Observation Sensors and Platforms, Spectral Signature of different land cover features, Image interpretation, Thermal & Microwave Remote Sensing, Digital Image Processing: Basic Concepts of Rectification and Registration, Enhancement, Classification and accuracy assessment techniques.
  • Global Navigation Satellite System: Introduction to GPS and GNSS, receivers, processing methods, errors and accuracy
  • Geographical Information System: GIS, databases, topology, spatial analysis and open source software.
  • Basics of Geocomputation and Geoweb Services: Geocomputation and Geoweb Services
  • RS and GIS Applications: Agriculture and Soil, Forestry and Ecology, Geoscience and Geo-hazards, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Urban and Regional Studies and Water Resources.
Who can Apply?

Undergraduate and Postgraduate (any year) and Technical/ Scientific Staff of Central/ State Government/ Faculty/ researchers at university/ institutions can apply.


To register for the workshop, click here. There is no course fee.

The program can receive life through the E-CLASS platform of IIRS-ISRO or using the IIRS youtube channel using internet connectivity. No specific hardware/ software is required. The content of the sessions will be available offline after 24 hours in the E-class portal.

Click here to view the official notification for the Online Course on Basics of Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System & Global Navigation Satellite System by ISRO & IIRS

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