Course on Aircraft Stealth Technology @ IIT Bombay [Nov 9-11]: Submit by Sept 30: Expired

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Wars are increasingly driven by Aircraft Stealth Technology & the aim is to use air-power extensively to gain early superiority, as this ensures higher Mission Attainment Measure. Aircraft survivability is an important aspect of warfare, as the survival of aircraft is crucial to the mission objectives.
Therefore, Stealth Technology is the key design driver for 5th generation combat aircraft, helicopters, & future generation of strategic/tactical missiles. A number of countries possessing nuclear weapons is large, but the number of countries having the know-how for making stealth aircraft is limited. Hence, Stealth Technology provides a quantum leap in military power and it will shape future warfare & geopolitical situation. Stealth technology is kept as a closely guarded secret by the countries possessing it.
There is a dearth of academic know-how in the open literature, which has resulted in several schools of conflicting opinions and consequently misconceptions also. Therefore, there is a need for a consolidated and comprehensive course, aimed at demystifying this topic.

Course Outline
  • Principles of Stealth – camouflage (merge with background), conceal (hide), deceive; (role of Electronic Warfare & Electronic Countermeasures)
  • Air-power, Air-superiority, Air-supremacy & role of Aircraft Stealth Capabilities (with examples of actual warfare, including surgical strike with precision weapons);
  • Active vs. Passive detection;
  • Mission Attainment Measure, Aircraft Survival rate, Measure of Mission Success, & Mission Goal;
  • Survivability, Susceptibility, Vulnerability of Aircraft & Helicopter in Human-made Hostile Environment; • Precision Guided Weapons & Role of Stealth Aircraft;
  • Introduction to Aircraft Signatures – radar (Radar Cross-Section – its prediction & reduction), IR, Visual, Aural;
  • Introduction to Materials for Stealth;
  • Stealth related to air-intakes;
  • Stealth related to UCAV design;
  • Basics of high-frequency RCS of aerospace & naval targets;
  • Extremely low-frequency electric field modeling & reducing signatures;
Who can Attend?

Faculty members in engineering institutions interested in defense-related Aerospace activities.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

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