About the Course

This course will provide knowledge on the latest technologies in automobiles such as gasoline engines, diesel engines, gas turbines, fuel cells and lithium battery, including fundamentals of thermodynamics, heat transfer, chemical kinetics and electrochemical reactions. In addition, for internal combustion engines, the after-treatment technologies will be provided with fundamentals of thermodynamics and catalytic chemical kinetics.

It will include examples of recent state-of-the-art experimental research carried out all over the world. Course participants will learn these topics through lectures and tutorial sessions that reinforce their understanding, while also getting exposure to the avenues for further research.

  • You are an Engineers, student at MTech level, PhD researchers from government organizations and R&D laboratories.
  • You are a Faculty from reputed academic institutions and technical institutions working in the area of Internal Combustion Engines.
Course Fees

Participants from abroad: US $500,
Participants from Industry : Rs.10,000 /-
Government Research Organizations: Rs. 5,000/-
Participants from Academic Institutions: Rs. 3,000/- (for faculty), Rs.2,000/-(for Full-Time Ph.D. Students), Rs.1,000/-(B.Tech./M.Tech./M.S. students)
The above fee includes all instructional materials, computer use for tutorials and assignments, laboratory equipment usage charges and working lunch and refreshments. It will be very helpful if you can bring your laptop for the course.


Mobile : 9944496078
Email : asankumar88@gmail.com

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