Course on The Addicted Brain by Emory University [Online, 21 Hours]: Enroll Now

Course on The Addicted Brain by Emory University [Online, 21 Hours]: Enroll Now

Emory university online course addicted brain
Emory university online course addicted brain
About the Course

This is a course about addiction to drugs and other behaviours. It will describe what happens in the brain and how this information helps us deal with and overcome addiction. It will also discuss other topics such as government policy and our vulnerability to take drugs.

Skills you will gain
  • Prevention Programs
  • Addiction Treatment
  • Brain
  • Drug And Alcohol Abuse Treatment
  • The Background & Overview of Drug Use: In this first week, we’ll explore drug abuse, types of addictions, and the behaviors associated with them.
  • Drugs & How the Brain Works: In this second week, we’ll get a glimpse at why certain drugs are addicting and how they affect different regions of the brain.
  • Classes of Drugs: In this third week, we’ll take a deep dive into the different types of drugs and their individual effects.
  • Classes of Drugs with Animal Models: In this fourth week, we’ll take a look at the drug self-administration model in animals and the implications of these results.
  • Neurotransmission & Brain Imaging: In this fifth week, we’ll consider synaptic transmission and how drugs alter it.
  • Vulnerability: Drug Use, Abuse, & Prevention- In this sixth week, we’ll have the chance to consider the concept of vulnerability and the value and effectiveness of treatment.
  • Treatment, Policy, & Decriminalization: In this seventh week, we’ll explore drug treatment and government drug policies that exist.
  • Drugs & Society: In this final week, we’ll explore the recent opioid epidemic as well as the topic of medical and recreational marijuana.

To enroll for this course, click the link below.

Course on The Addicted Brain by Emory University.

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