CfP: Conference on Teaching & Rehabilitation Strategies for the Deaf at IIT Roorkee [Mar 14-15]: Submit by Feb 10

By: Jasmeet | 29 Jan 2020 8:58 PM

As we are aware, only a small percentage of Specially Abled. (Divyang) children have facilities to receive education in our country and the percentage of those receiving technical education and vocational training is even worse. Rehabilitation facilities for Deaf are also inadequate in India. IIT Roorkee felt it necessary to brainstorm at a global level on various issues on effective methods of teaching and rehabilitating the Deaf on modern and scientific lines.

Keeping this backdrop in mind, IIT Roorkee is conducting an international conference on Teaching & Rehabilitation Strategies for the Deaf from March 14 to 15, 2020.

  1. Education and Rehabilitation strategies – issues, challenges and case studies of individuals/ organizations.
  2. Development of modern educational technology and production of educational/training material. Teaching aids, Computer-aided instructions and Self instructional modules Etc.
  3. Development of appropriate curricula.
  4. Techniques for improving communication skills – Modes of Communication.
  5. Integrated education approach/mainstreaming techniques.
  6. Strength and weaknesses of various existing models and evolving a cost-effective model under Indian conditions.
  7. Attitudinal changes- Breaking the psycho-social barriers.
  8. Research and development strategies.
  9. Identification of suitable trades for non-formal education, training and rehabilitation of illiterate Deaf adults.
  10. Assistive devices for the Deaf.
  11. Fundraising techniques for the institutions.
  12. Early intervention and parent counseling.
  13. Psychological evaluation and counseling.
  14. Teacher education and training.
  15. Test battery approach: how important is it ?
  16. How important is early identification of hearing loss?
  17. Govt. schemes for the hearing impaired.
  18. New Education Policy – 2019 and its impact on the education of Special Children (Divyang).
  19. Any other relevant theme.
Call for Papers

Candidates are requested to send their manuscripts to

Important Dates
  • Information about your desire to submit research paper: Jan 31, 2020
  • Submission of research paper abstract: 10 Feb 2020
  • Submission of full-length research paper: 25 Feb 2020

Phone Number: +91-9719004491

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