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Conference on Governance and Democracy in North East India @ Sikkim University [March 19-20]: Register by March 10: Expired

Democracy and Governance ConferenceThe Department of Political Science of Sikkim University is organizing the National Conference on Governance and Democracy in North East India during March 19-20. Register by March 10.

About the University:

Sikkim University is a Central University established by an Act of Parliament in 2007. The university offers a number of UG and PG Programmes in Social Sciences, Sciences, Computer Applications, Education, Languages and Professional studies. It offers MPhil and Ph.D. in all these disciplines. The university has demonstrated the high standards of teaching and research.

About the Conference:

Governance has become a global discourse with a breadth that suggests its usefulness for exploring the fundamental questions of democracy, civic agency, and politics. Governance intimates a paradigm shift in the civic agency and in democracy. It entails a shift in the
meaning of democracy, from elections to democratic society. In the paradigm of democratic society, the government is a crucial instrument of the citizenry, providing leadership, resources, tools, and rules.

Objectives of the Conference:
  • Capture the state of knowledge and of the discourse on governance, democracy, and development in North East India.
  • Analyze the progress made on governance and democracy in North East India.
  • Identify and review the lessons learned, problems and challenges in the last five decades.
  • Analyze the possible course, and prospects of governance and democracy in NE India in the next two decades.
  • Democracy and Governance in India.
  • Citizenship, Democracy, and Governance in NE India.
  • Democracy and Election in NE India.
  • Conflict, Violence and Governance in NE India.
  • Gender Empowerment and Human Development in NE India.
  • Informal Institution and Hybrid Local Governance in NE India.
  • Youth Participation in Governance in NE India.
Registration Fee:
  • Research Scholars: Rs. 1500.
  • Academic participants: Rs. 3000.
  • Corporate participants: Rs. 5000.

To register, send the completed Registration Form to chhetri.durga[at]


Durga Prasad Chhetri (Conference Conveners)

For further information, click here.

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