International Conference of the Architectural Science Association @ IIT Roorkee [Nov 28-30]: Register by Oct 27: Expired

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Today, new technologies are being developed to produce as much as we consume –electricity, water, air and so on… But, what goes into the pursuit and achievement of such a ‘development’ is not recyclable. We know today that we cannot go on like this and what we are doing is eventually threatening our own existence on this planet.
With our own survival in question, it is imperative for us, as a community of Built Environment Professionals, to look into the possibilities of developing in a manner such that bare minimum resources are consumed in the process of constructing the built environment. In an attempt to minimize resource consumption, it is expected that we come somewhere close to zero if not absolute zero.
In light of this background, the aim of ASA 2019 shall be to interact and explore in order to evolve more of such technologies, practices, and methods that will help the human race in ‘surviving’ the difficult times of ‘development’.
We hope that the papers will present new researches, interesting case studies, and implementable and scalable practical solutions. The conference will provide a forum to debate, discuss and deliberate upon choosing a common path for the future in order to give rest to our overexploited resources.

  1. Interpreting traditional built environment and practices
  2. Construction practices leading to conserving material resources
  3. Building energy benchmarking and rating
  4. Building performance evaluation
  5. Guaranteed performance and quality of energy efficiency measures
  6. Net-zero approach for buildings and settlements
  7. Climate change and its impact on the built environment
  8. Life cycle analysis
  9. Role of occupants in affecting building performance and comfort
  10. Sustainable building challenges in growing economies

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Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

Email ID: organizersasa2019@gmail.com

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