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International Conference on Advances in Energy Research at IIT Bombay [Dec 10-12]: Register by Nov 15: Expired


The rapid depletion of natural resources and the adverse changes in climate put forward great challenges for researchers. There is an imminent need to take stock of the current energy conversion and supply systems and to put forward new ideas to move towards a more sustainable future.

The conference provides an excellent platform to know, exchange new ideas, and understand the challenges related to the energy sector at large. We are certain that ICAER 2019 would be exciting and would continue the tradition of immense scientific discussion.

  • Coal: Materials for carbon capture, storage, and utilization; conversion economics; carbon capture and conversion by biochemical/biological processes/
  • Oil and natural gas: Enhanced oil and gas recovery; new materials and chemicals for processing of oil, gas, and petrochemical products; shale gas; natural gas hydrates.
  • Nuclear energy: Nuclear reactors; reactor physics; reactor thermal-hydraulics;
  • Transportation: Internal combustion engines; utilization of alternate fuels; zero emission vehicles.
  • Solar thermal: Non-concentrating and concentrating collectors; concentrating solar power.
  • Solar PV: PV cell materials and devices.
  • Biomass and biofuels: Biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas; combustion; gasification; pyrolysis; torrefaction; HTL; biomass-to-liquid; bio-oil; bio-char.
  • Wind, hydro, and ocean energy: On-shore and off-shore wind power; repowering wind farms; ocean / tidal energy; micro, mini, and small hydro power systems.
  • Microgrids and smart grids: Architecture; topologies; control; power electronics; power quality; protection; wide-area measurement and control, distributed generation.
  •  Thermal storage: Modelling and design of thermal energy storage.
  • Electrochemical storage: Storage materials; electrode materials and components for batteries.

The registration fee for all delegates includes admission to all conference sessions and tea breaks, lunches and banquet dinner, conference registration kit and optional participation to the pre-conference workshop on hydrogen storage.

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Email ID: icaer@iitb.ac.in

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