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Conference on Advancements in Polymeric Materials at CIPET, Bangalore [Feb 13-15, 2020]: Registrations Open


CIPET with its inevitable presence in the main streams of Skill development, Technology support, Academics and Research (STAR), had initiated the International Conference on Advancements in Polymeric Materials, the APM series in 2010 with an aim of creating a technological platform.
The themes of the conference are designed to cover all aspects of material development, synthesis & characterization, product design and prototype development in the field of polymeric materials. This forum would facilitate the active exchange of knowledge, practical solutions and challenges of technologies with commercial potential.

  1. APM 2020 would bring together Distinguished Scientists, Eminent Researchers, Renowned Industrialists, Entrepreneurs and Students on a common platform.
  2. The forum would witness the exchange of ideas, interactive sessions on industrial applications, discussion on solutions to socio-economic issues & future trends in research and innovative design concepts & simulation techniques.
  3. The conference would have specific sessions to address the contemporary issues & challenges like single-use plastics, recycling & circular economy, the use of renewable resources, etc.
  4. The multidisciplinary approach contemplated in this conference would take forward the research to a different dimension leading to revolutionary advancement in the existing technology.
  • Product Process and Simulation
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Process Simulation using CAE
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Process Techniques
  • Design Optimization & Validation
  • Waste Management & Circular Economy
  • Sustainable & Green Polymetric Systems
  • Eco-Friendly polymer composites
  • Polymers in agriculture
  • Polymers in energy devices
  • Polymer pyrolysis technologies
  • Polymers in automobile & transportation
  • Extended producer responsibility
  • Applications of recycled polymers
  • Polymers in smart packing
  • Eco-friendly polymer composites
  • Polymers in bio-medical and healthcare applications
  • Tailored applications of bio-polymers
Registration Fees
  1. Industrialists: Rs. 7000/-
  2. Scientists: Rs. 6000/-
  3. Academicians: Rs. 5000/-
  4. Scholars & Students: Rs. 2500/-
  5. Foreign delegates: USD 500/-

Interested candidates can register online for the conference by clicking here.


Phone Number: +91-9943496211

Email ID: apmcipet2020@gmail.com

For further details, click here.

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