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Colloquium on The Economics of Politics [April 7, Mumbai]: Register by April 4: Expired

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South Asia Students for Liberty in collaboration with Students for the Promotion of International Law (SPIL) bring to you our Colloquium on ‘The Economics of Politics’.
Venue: Government Law College, Mumbai.
Date: 7th April, 2018
Time: 9:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m
Deadline for  applications: April 4
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The ‘Economics of Politics’ seeks to explore and evaluate the political process in the backdrop of economics. Through this, we try to understand how individual choices shape up the political discourse in any society. We deliberate upon the various biases and paradoxes, which inadvertently manifest themselves as a part and parcel of a political process.
The colloquium will touch upon the myriad facets of politics such as voting, elections, special interest legislation, constitutions etc., Economics of Politics’ is an attempt to rationally understand the political process and decision making to further constructive debate and discussion.
Register here.
(Note: There is a typing error in the form that says ‘Kerala’, Kindly omit that and register there itself)
This requires some prior reading, so we urge you to register as soon as possible! We have a limited number of seats. All participants would be provided with individual certificates of participation. Registration is FREE.
About SFL Colloquia
How often have you watched a debate and felt, ‘both sides have some valid points if only they stopped trying to prove each other wrong and tried to listen’. The nature of a debate is competitive and oppositional with both sides trying to prove each other wrong.
An SFL Colloquium is a collaborative, cooperative dialogue in which multiple sides work toward a shared understanding.
Dialogue assumes that many people have pieces of answers and that cooperation can lead to a greater understanding. It creates an open-minded attitude; an openness to being wrong and an openness to change while respecting other participants.
Email: mkhan@studentsforliberty.org

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