College of Engineering and Management’s Technical Fest Resonance V9.0 [April 8-10, Kolaghat, West Bengal]

RESONANCE, the Techno-Management Fest of College of Engineering and Management, Kolaghat reaches its 9th version RESONANCE V9.0 this year.

Events in Resonance V9.0

Robotic Events – Autonomous, Sea Hunter, Maze Runner, Parking the Bot, Wrestleobotics, Galactic Football, Speedobotics.

Gaming Events – FIFA, Counter Strike and Need for Speed.

Many more technical and cultural events like – Java, Circuit Theory, Debate, Finger Painting, Sudoku, Short Film, Spell B, Quiz, Photography, Bridge Designing, Coding, Bug Hunting, Rubics Cube, Chess etc.

Event Date

April 8-10

Event Venue

For more information, you can contact:

Saikat Mukherjee -9002122841 (; Saindhav Mitra -8670218600; or Email us at:


Accomodation and food are offered for outstation candidates at college hostel. For more details related accommodation please contact: Anwar Shahid +91 9932091764.

Click on this link to register online.

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