Internship Experience of a BA Student at CMM Languages, Navi Mumbai: Worked on hiring translators and interpreters

By: Usha | 23 Aug 2019 12:43 PM

This is submitted as an entry to the Noticebard Internship Experience Writing Competition 2019.

Name, College, Course, Year

Anonymous, BA from IGNOU

Internship Organisation

CMM Languages, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai

How I applied for Internship

Devastated and confused, I went on applying to every internship I could see on Internshala. Being an engineering drop out makes your life difficult. To pave a further way, I got myself admitted into a B.A course from IGNOU and decided to do internships to help me find what I wanted to make my permanent profession in the years to come. 

Ikegai is a concept in Japan used to find one’s purpose in life. The word translated to English roughly means “thing that you live for” or “the reason for which you wake up in the morning.” I took help of this concept to find my strengths and weaknesses.

After carefully finding my Ikegai, I received three career options that I could take up depending on my interest a) Human Resources b) Event Management c) Advertising and copy writing. The plan was very clear. I would take up internships in all these three careers and only then go ahead with finalizing a career option for myself. In my mind, I had surety that this unstable trial and error method would prove to be a precursor for a stable career 2 years down the line.

I started going for interviews in the shortlisted places. Only in my 5th interview did I finally find a place with which I felt an instant connection. Right from the infrastructure to the work culture, everything seemed very magnetic. The location of the office was in Sanpada(Navi Mumbai) which was pretty proximate to my residence.

CMM Languages was a translation based company and provided interpreters and translators globally as well as locally to its customers. The office was divided into two parts. The outer area seated local translators and graphic designers. The inner area was allotted to the project co-ordination, social media and the business development team. 

My interview went really well and I left for home praying that I get a call from this company. Within two days, I received an affirmative response from them congratulating me for the selection of an HR intern for the company. My offer letter specified the internship tenure as 5 months and a stipend of Rs.9,500/- 

Internship Experience at CMM Languages

I joined in the first week of February 2018. Initial 10 days were completely focused on training. I was made familiar with this new industry, past mistakes of other interns, my roles and my responsibilities. These 10 days pumped up a lot of enthusiasm in me. The majority of my role was to find translators and interpreters suitable for our project from all perspectives, briefing them about the project, negotiating the cost if needed and then passing on the translator/interpreter to our project coordinators who took it forward till the project was completed.

We mostly worked with freelancers who were paid on per project basis. The best thing about the entire work process was very strong management skills between the entire team. This eased out any pressure that followed during a tight deadline.

My second role was to find a reviewer to review the documents/certificates/films that were translated. This step was added to make sure the quality of the projects delivered was always up to the mark.

On average, we received around 3-4 projects in a day which meant, I had to find 4-6 translators/interpreters/reviewers of various languages. I found them on translator’s communities like Translator’s Café or The toughest yet the most interesting part was reviewing resumes to shortlist translators/interpreters/reviewers which I received via the above-mentioned translator communities.

For finding one appropriate candidate, I screened 25-30 resumes each day, shortlisted 5 and then finally on the basis of our rates, deadline and the availability of the candidate, I selected a translator/interpreter/reviewer. With every successful project, my conviction within myself increased. I was glad that it was I who found the right candidate for each project and helped the team to execute it successfully.

After 5 months, on my last day of internship, all my colleagues gifted me a kurti which I treasure till date. With tons of good memories and lessons, I bid a goodbye to the team. The only bad part about this internship was that it ended very soon.

Lessons Learnt

The profession of a translator or an interpreter is unheard of, but I was surprised to know the kind of impact good translators and interpreters can bring. Imagine 5 people who have never met each other working tirelessly sitting in different locations, different time zones to translate an advertisement or translate an entire book or interpret a meeting between two international business giants. One small mistake committed by them can cost the entire business!

This teaches a very important lesson. Different people in different time zones of your life, help you reach your destination, never forget them, never betray them. With every contribution, your story would have been a little different, maybe for the better or for the worst but there is a hidden meaning and significance behind every person’s contribution to your life.

Like the translator, some people help you realize your own thoughts differently, some like the interpreter, help you see and understand the beauty of different perspectives and some like a reviewer, correct your wrongs. Never neglect these people who help you with the minor things in your life. Because small drops of rain form an entire ocean.


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