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Cliffesto’18: NIT Uttarakhand’s Annual Techno-cultural Fest [Feb 15-18]

Cliffesto is an annual techno-cultural fest of NIT Uttrakhand. It comprises of several technical and cultural events and various workshops too.
Technical events:

  • Code Streak : Solve the sequence of programming questions.
  • Debugger: Find and Correct the bugs in the given C codes to get the correct output.
  • De-cipher: To de-cipher the given text within the given time period. Click
  • Maze Runner: Teams have to build an autonomous robot which can follow a black line. The bot has to analyze the path in the dry run and has to go through the maze from the starting point to the ending point in minimum possible time.
  • Flotter: To make a boat using given material in the specific time and balance the maximum weight.
  • Robo Wwar: The motive of the competition is to construct a destructive bot which would challenge other competitors in a dual combat.
  •  Robo Kick: Everyone plays soccer, of course each of them have their own bizarre way. The knack of fusing technology with sports seems to be an inherent quality among the technocrats, and to celebrate this very spirit, we hail this event known as ROBOKICK. It’s the action time, ball is here, field is here, and opponents are ready to take on. This is the perfect time to show your soccer passion now.
  • Tower Making: To build the tallest stable tower using the given bamboo sticks and given clay.
  • Robo Coursa

Cultural events:

  • Prahaar
  • Onyx stpes
  • flamy duo
  • sketch-o-mania
  • rang-sang
  • vogue
  • Rang-e-mehfil
  • Echo
  • Goonj
  • Invictus
  • Swar Manzar


  • Cyber Security: Web security, password security, social media security and cyber abuse.
  • Internet of things: Introduction to Robotics, Embedded systems, programming in embedded systems, Relay Driver IC, ADC, Wifi, ESP 8266 module, GPRS, TCP/IP.
  • Autocad: Taking the AutoCAD Tour, Navigating the Working Environment Working with Files Displaying Objects, Creating Basic Drawings, Input Data Creating Basic Objects Working with Units, Manipulating Objects and various other things.

Visit the page here to register.
For further queries, message on the official Facebook page here.

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