Challenge Covid-19 Competition 2020 by National Innovation Foundation (NIF): Applications Open

Challenge Covid-19 Competition 2020 by National Innovation Foundation (NIF): Applications Open

NIF Challenge Covid-19 Competition
NIF Challenge Covid-19 Competition

Today when the country is facing a great challenge crisis due to the Corona pandemic, National Innovation Foundation – India (NIF) wishes to engage innovative citizens in its Challenge COVID-19 Competition (C3) by requesting them to participate with their creative ideas and innovations for the following problems/issues.

  • Healthy food for nutrition and boosting immunity: The damage due to the virus can be minimised if a person is healthy. Ideas for food or drinks, which help people build their immunity while at home may also be sent. It should be noted that the availability of raw materials is limited during the lockdown period hence only those food items may be suggested whose raw materials may be easily available.
  • Reducing transmission of Coronavirus: The Government has suggested a slew of measures to reduce the transmission however can there be some original creative ideas/innovations, which can supplement the efforts of the government in slowing or eliminating the spread further.
  • Sanitising one’s hands, body, home items and home, public places wherever required: To reduce transmission, sanitisation is very important. Government has urged people including Caregivers, to wash their hands periodically, not to touch their face and clean house daily. Any creative idea/ innovation, which can make these tasks more interesting and effective?
  • Supply and distribution of essential items to people specially the elderly living alone: Despite lockdown, many people are seen outside their homes for the purchase of groceries or medicines. Ideas for door-to- door supply of essential products and services are invited which obliterate the need to move out of the home.
  • Gainful engagement of people at home: It is increasingly becoming difficult for people, specially the children to be at home all the time. Ingenious ideas, which help people stay at home and also engage in productive activities, are invited.
  • PPE’s and Rapid diagnostic testing facilities for capacity building of healthcare
  • Rethinking “contactless” devices for the post-Corona implementation needs
  • Varying needs of the different segment of population during COVID-19
  • The details of ideas and innovations may be sent to the following email id ( with complete details about the person (Name, Age, Education, Occupation, Address, Contact Number, Email) and details about the idea/ innovation (including photo and video, if any).
  • Either, one can also apply via this page.

For more details, click here.

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