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CfP: Virtual Conference on Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business & Society by Loyola Institute [Feb 20-21]: Submit by Jan 15: Expired

About the Conference

It is widely accepted that Artificial Intelligence applications will be the major powerhouse of the Digital Transformation in a wide range of application areas of our society.

These intelligent systems are emerging to influence many aspects of our lives starting from robotics to self-driving cars, and voice recognition systems to medical applications, such as, healthcare delivery services. Even government institutions have started deploying and integrating AI into their business processes on a large scale.

At the same time, there is anxiety building up in the minds of several people due to the fear of mass unemployment, concerns about super-intelligence, putting the power of AI into the wrong people’s hands, and general concern and caution when it comes to new technology. However, fear of the unknown has always been the case with technology from the wheel to electricity to electronics to the internet.

This inter-disciplinary conference explores the impact of AI on business and society by inviting articles from practitioners, academicians and research scholars to share the AI applications in business, case studies on AI-enabled transformation, ROI on AI applications, AI and public policy, AI and social anxiety and such other related topics.

About LIBA

Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) is a premier B-school, established in 1979 within the premises of Loyola College. It is managed by Jesuits well known for their outstanding contribution to education. LIBA stands for excellence with ethics, the twin hallmarks of Jesuit business education; all its programs and activities embody these two elements. It earnestly strives to inculcate the values of excellence, honesty, justice and service to society in its students.

Call for Papers
  • AI and Business
    AI applications across different industries/sectors
    AI powered digital transformation
    ROI in AI projects
    Challenges in AI deployment
    Case studies from leading businesses
  • AI and Society
    AI and Public policy
    AI and Social Anxiety
    AI in Arts and culture
    AI and Social Networks
    Challenges of AI for society
Important dates
  • Last Date for Submission: 15 January 2021
  • Acceptance of paper: 21 January 2021
  • Students: Rs.500/-
  • Faculty/ Industry Practitioners: Rs.1000/-

Email: aibs2021[at]

Virtual Conference on Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business & Society by Loyola Institute.


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