CfP: Symposium on Control, Communication & Embedded System for Robotics at NIT Silchar [Jun 9-10]: Submission to Open Soon

By: Gurjit Kaur | 12 Feb 2020 5:30 PM

The primary focus for the SOCCER 2020 is the control, wireless communication and development of embedded systems for robotic applications. Robot control technology is widely used for space, surgery, rehabilitation, micro machine, entertainment, underwater, civil engineering, professional and domestic services, security etc

Consequently, control will continue to play an increasingly important role in the areas of robotics including robot-robot and human-robot cooperation in various dynamic scenarios. Subsequently, due to changing communication infrastructure and technologies, it is highly desirable these days to propagate control commands through wireless communication channels/medium.

Thus, inclusion of wireless communication for control of robotic systems possess serious challenges to the performance of the control system, thereby the development and testing control algorithms for robotic systems/applications under such communication environment needs cutting edge technologies.

Furthermore, for real-time implementation of the control through present day communication networks requires realizable and scalable embedded design. Contributions on basic research of control over networks as well as on relevant robotics applications are included.

Call for papers
  • Intelligent control over wireless network: mobile robots, vehicles and UAVs Semi-, highly- and full-automated driving
  • Formation flying and control for defense applications
  • Control of space vehicles
  • Control problems of Haptic devices
  • Control problems of Telemanipulation
  • Control problems of Networked robots
  • Robot control (adaptive, robust, learning)
  • Force and compliance control
  • Multi cooperative robot control
  • Sensory based robot control
  • Compact and efficient power for robots
  • Industrial robot control applications for manufacturing
  • Application of time-delay for robotic systems
  • Embedded control design for network control robots and industrial robotic systems
  • Multi-agent systems and cooperative control
  • Medical robotics.

Paper submission for the same will open soon on the official website.

Registration Type Early-bird Registration Late Registration
Indian Foreign ( in USD) Indian Foreign ( in USD)
Industry ₹ 10,000 $ 200 ₹ 12,000 $ 250
Faculty ₹ 6000 $ 100 ₹ 8000 $ 150
Student ₹ 4000 $ 60 ₹ 6000 $ 100

Dr.Rajeeb Dey
Call: 7086731971
Email: rajeeb.iitkgp[at]gmail.com

Dr.Nabanita Adhikary
Call: 9864428032
Email: adhikarynabanita[at]gmail.com

For more details, click here.

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