Gauhati University seminar 2020

CfP: Seminar on Arab-American Literature at Gauhati University [Feb 19-20]: Submit by Jan 20

About the Seminar

Between the two World Wars, a new genre of Arabic literature was flourished in North and South America. This new form of Arabic literature is generally known as Arab-American Literature or Mahjar Literature. It is a hybrid version of both the English and Arabic literature. The writers of this literary genre were influenced by the western thought, culture and literature.

They brought a new revolution in Arabic poetry advocating the usage of free verses and simple language without much intricacy. Jibran Khalil Jibran, Mikhail Naimy. Ilya Abu Madi and Amin al- Rihani were the most celebrated Arab American writers, philosophers, thinkers and poets.

According to World Migration Report 2018, about 244 million people which is 3.3% of the World’s total population are the immigrants. 25-30 million Indian communities are living abroad which constitutes the second largest Diaspora in the World after China. Arab-American literature is a richly
hamonious blend of the East and the West.

Arab-American writers introduced Eastern mysticism with Western materialism. To them, humanity would be best served by & giving and taking" between both the cultures of the East and the West, by each acknowledging the virtues of other. Arab-American literature gave a new dimension to oriental perspective At this backdrop, the seminar is being organized. We hope this academic pursuit will bring together scholars from varied arenas from all over India and result in exchange of ideas.

  • Mahjar Literature: Background, Factors & Pioneers
  • Orientalism and Cultural Translations
  • Eminent writers, poets and artists of Arab American Literature
  • Literary Movements in Arab-American literature
  • Concept of Love in Mahjar Literature
  • Concept of Spirituality in Mahjar Literature
  • Romanticism in Mahjar Literature
  • Patriotism as depicted in Arab-American Literature
  • Evolution of Modern Literary Genres in Arabic Literature
  • Representations and Visions of Homeland in Mahjar Literature
  • Cross Cultural Emergence of Diaspora literature
Registration Fee
  • Teacher Participant: Rs. 700/
  • Research Scholars & others: Rs. 500/
  • Timing of on spot registration: 9.30 AM on 19th February, 2020 (Registration Fee includes seminar kit cum lunch coupon)
Important Dates
  • Last date of Abstract submission: 20th January, 2020
  • Last date of Full paper submission: 25th January, 2020

Mizazur Rahman Talukdar (Coordinator of the seminar)
Email: guarabicgoldenjubilee2019[at]
Phone: 8638281218 / 7896301806

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