CfP: JTSDS Annual International Roundtable Conference 2020 at TISS Mumbai [Apr 3-4]: Submit by Jan 31

CfP: JTSDS Annual International Roundtable Conference 2020 at TISS Mumbai [Apr 3-4]: Submit by Jan 31

TISS Mumbai conference 2020
TISS Mumbai conference 2020

The intrinsic linkages between South Asian countries, rooted in geopolitics, demography, socioeconomic and cultural ties, suggest that dynamics in one country often lead to cascading impacts – be it policies and practices around use of natural resources or devastating impacts of disasters or changing climatic conditions, and these could potentially affect the entire region adversely.

With the growing threats of climate-induced disasters the consequences of an ill-prepared nation or weak transboundary governance processes are likely to be unprecedented and cumulative across the region, which in turn may aggravate fragilities in peripheral and vulnerable geographies.

This roundtable will focus on examining and exploring in transboundary contexts, the challenges faced by vulnerable communities, efforts to overcome these. Organiser invite papers that dwell on possible avenues for intervention by the governments, local communities, the private sector and civil society organisations, while placing the rights of vulnerable communities at the centre stage.

The Roundtable also welcomes papers that emphasize the need for more efficient and transparent risk informed governance across South Asia with policy implications and recommendations with a special focus on river basins in the region. Papers may also focus on aspects beyond water resources and reflect on issues of transboundary governance around other resources such as forests, flora and fauna, and impacts of disasters and climate change.

  • Economy, Society and Culture in transboundary resource sharing: conflict and cooperation, nature of challenges- everyday dynamics and formal and informal responses
  • Contemporary water governance framework in South Asia (reflecting on the issues of justice and rights of riparian communities).
  • Transboundary disaster governance and policies that relate to resource management
  • Water Governance networks and alliances in South Asia
  • The political economy of communities depended on transboundary rivers
  • Risk informed planning and governance for transboundary resources management (implications for at-risk populations- like women, youth and children, fisherfolk, indigenous communities, etc).
  • Policies and engagement at the national level between South Asian countries on risk-informed governance.
  • Avenues for collaboration between different stakeholders for developing risk-informed governance framework.
Important dates
  • Last date of Submission of Abstract: Jan 31, 2020
  • Confirmation of Abstract selection: Feb 05, 2020
  • Submission of full paper: February 27, 2020

Ms. Aruna Chavan
Email: arunac[at]

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