Women’s networks, courage, voices, and activity directly influenced the Arab spring that any new democracy failing to include them has some explaining to do. Men and women marched side by side. After 50 years of work, as senior Egyptian feminist, Nawal El Saadawi puts it,“In Tahrir Square, I felt for the first time that women are equal to men.” It would not be an exaggeration to say that the role of women during the Tunisian revolution was inspiring.”

In this new context of the post-revolutionary era and the new political constellation, it is clear that women are claiming their place in a socio-economic and political arena as well as governance of their country.Keeping in mind the relevance of the theme, Sarojini Naidu Centre for Women’s Studies India-Arab Cultural Centre of Jamia Millia Islamia jointly propose to organize two daysInternational Conference on the theme.

The proposed Conference intends to invite scholars from across the global specialized in the
studies of Arab World especially having a gender perspective. The Conference would primarily focus on the following themes, though the prospective participants are free to choose the topics of their own concerning the major themes of the Conference:

  1. Role of Arab women in socio-economic life
  2. Women of the Arab World and family law
  3. Arab women in governance
  4. Arab women in movements including Islamic Feminism
  5. Arab women in media
  6. Arab women in peacebuilding and regional cooperation
  7. Arab women in sustainable development

Note: The above sub-themes are only indicative. Authors may opt other topics relevant to the main theme of the Conference.

How to Submit:

Please send in the title and a 200-word abstract by 15 February 2018 to shussain1@jmi.ac.in or nrkhan@jmi.ac.in

Key Dates:

  1. Last date for sending abstracts: 15 February, 2018
  2. Confirmation of acceptance: 26 February, 2018
  3. Last date for submission of full paper: 10 March, 2018
For further details, please visit the link given here


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