CFP: Conference on Teaching of Indian Languages & Education of Tribal Children @ NCERT [Delhi, Mar 29-30]: Submit by Feb 29

By: Srishti Srivastav | 21 Feb 2020 6:25 PM


India is country of civic groups with many variations as well as linguistic variations. According to the census of 2011, the population of tribal is 10.43 crore which is a group with 8.6% population of the country. Unfortunately, this population is an economically weak and marginalized group. India is country with the largest tribal population in the world; but access to education to tribal groups is not satisfactory.

There is an imperative need to pay proper attention to the education of there children as a resource for the prevention of difficulties of tribal population groups and to increase their opportunities for future construction. This will take them apart and educational inequalities can also be removed. Keeping this in mind, two day national conference is being organized on the subject of “Teaching of Indian language and education of tribal children and the question of medium of instruction”.


The main topics/ issues that have been put-up for discussion in the conference are:

  • Concept, practice and use of Indian language teaching and teaching of tribal languages as mother tongue.
  • Indian languages and tribal languages teaching methods.
  • Curriculum requirement of Indian mother tongues and tribal languages
  • Development of and use of materials related to teaching Indian mother tongues and tribal languages as mother tongue.
  • Preparation and training of teacher’s of Indian mother tongues and tribal languages.
  • Challenges and solutions for Indian languages teaching and use of tribal languages mother tongue teaching.
  • Problems of teaching of Indian mother tongue and protection and development of tribal languages.

Call for Papers

  • Abstracts in 250-300 words and paper in 2500-3000 words can be presented in either Hindi or English. Presentation in other Indian languages is also possibles if the translation of papers written in other Indian languages is already send to Hindi or English. Selected paper can also be edited and published as a conference report.
  • The abstract may be sent till February 29, 2020 and full papers may be sent till March 09, 2020.


For any queries, contact

Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar Suman
Department of Education in Languages
Ph- 011-265265336, Ext.-255 / 09871445139

For any further information, visit here

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