CfP: Conference on Pure & Applied Science at Alliance University, Bangalore [Mar 20-21]: Submit by Feb 26

CfP: Conference on Pure & Applied Science at Alliance University, Bangalore [Mar 20-21]: Submit by Feb 26

Alliance University conference
Alliance University conference

Pure and applied research aims to discover more about the nature and to understand scientific problems and provide consistent solutions. The research outputs by pure and applied sciences have significant contributions to solve the problems in engineering and technology. ‘Alliance Conference on Pure and Applied Sciences’ (ACPAS-2020) will provide a platform for knowledge exchange amongst academic and industrial researchers of 21st century and
to promote innovation in the fields of Pure and Applied Science.

It aims to cover fundamental and applied research in the active fields of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Original research works are invited to be presented in the conference from the above fields and many other topics in related areas.

Call for papers
  • Physical Sciences
    Material Science
    Solid State Physics
    Energy Storage Devices
    Astro physics
    Quantum Computer
    Computational Physics
  • Chemical Sciences
    Water Technology
    Green Chemistry
    Heterocyclic Compound
    Corrosion Study
    Nano Science
    Agri-Food Technology
    Environmental Chemistry
    Computational Chemistry
  • Mathematical Sciences
    Real Analysis
    Complex Analysis
    Approximation Theory
    Graph Theory
    Fuzzy Theory
    Fluid Mechanics
    Operations Research
  • Biological Sciences
    Computational Biology
    Network Biology
    Systems Biology
    Synthetic Biology
Important dates
  • Last date for sending abstracts: February 26, 2020
  • Communication of accepted abstracts: March 04, 2020
  • Last date for sending full papers: March 11, 2020
  • Last date to register: March 11, 2020
  • Students: Rs. 1500- 2500
  • Academicians: Rs. 2500- 3500
  • Industry Experts: Rs. 4000- 5000

Dr. Vipin Prasad : +91 80 4619 9149 / +91 94931 84746
Dr. H. Aswathaman : +91 80 4619 9147 / +91 96635 37224
Email: acpas[at]

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