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CfP: Conference on Disruption in Business and Management Practices at IMI Bhubaneswar [Dec 11-12]: Submit by Aug 31

CfP: Conference on Disruption in Business and Management Practices at IMI Bhubaneswar [Dec 11-12]: Submit by Aug 31 - Noticebard

IMI BBSR conference 2020
IMI BBSR conference 2020
About the conference

Disruption in business is a recurring phenomenon, which is evidenced as innovations spur in the society and economy. Companies often invest in resources to build distinctive capabilities to overpower the disruptive innovations in market.

The theory of disruptive innovation has significantly influenced the industry and business circles as a powerful tool for estimating the success of business agglomerations within industries and for predicting the risk and business growth of companies in particular.

The classic model of disruption emphasizes the penetration of a cheap, innovative substitute to a high-end product or service, and gradually move up the customer chain with gradual improvement in its quality to overpower the competition and lead the market. Disruption in market is driven by psychodynamics in its early stages, which succumbs to an entropy at the end of its lifecycle.

Call for papers
  • Innovation Management
  • Business Epistemologies
  • Business Systems and Governance
  • Analytics and Business Modelling
  • Disruptions in Business Operations
  • Human Resource Management and Innovation
  • Operations and Financial Systems
  • Innovations for Sectoral Growth
  • Future of Marketing
  • Trade and Economy
  • Global Business
  • Business in Emerging Economies
  • Creative Thinking and Innovation
  • Case Studies on Disruptions and Innovation Management
  • Impact on Business in Post-COVID Scenario
Who can attend?
  • Academics, research scholars, and business consultants; mangers of international relations, operations management, marketing strategy formulation, and digital marketing; and persons in-charge of corporate social responsibility.
  • Top and middle level executives of corporate, SMEs, start-up enterprises, and public-sector undertaking companies engaged in business-to-consumers and business-to-business operations in products and services sectors
  • Government representatives working on regional and economic development, public policies, and industrial relations
  • Entrepreneurs, who want to learn and express new insights, share research contributions and discuss best practices.
Important dates
  • Conference Announcement-Call for Papers: June 01, 2020
  • Submission of abstracts: August 31, 2020
  • Decision on submissions: September 30, 2020
  • Submission of final papers: October 31, 2020
  • Conference registration: November 01, 2020 onwards
  • Academician: Rs. 6000- 7000
  • Corporate: Rs. 7000- 8000
  • Research Scholar: Rs. 2500- 3000
  • Student: Rs. 1500- 2000
  • Foreign Delegate: US$ 200- 250

Dr Sourav Sharma
Call: 8209473063
Email: conference[at]

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