CfP: Conference on Challenges in Earth System Science for Global Sustainability at IIT KGP [Jan 15-17]: Submit by Nov 29: Expired

IIT Kharagpur to hold Conference on Challenges in Earth System Science for Global Sustainability (CESS GS) on 15-17 Jan 2020. Tremendous progress has been made by the researchers in understanding the functioning of the Earth System and, in particular, the impact of human actions. Although this knowledge can inform management of specific features of our world in transition but societies need knowledge that will allow them to simultaneously reduce global environmental risks while also meeting economic development goals.

This need for food security, water, improved health and human security and enhanced energy security for eradicating extreme poverty and hunger and ensuring ecosystem integrity. Answering these questions will require reorientation toward new research that better allows science and society to address the needs of decision-makers and citizens at global, regional, national, and local scales.

  • Atmospheric Process: Urban Boundary Layers, Model Physics, Monsoon Processes, Air Pollution Modelling and  Impact on weather and climate, Western disturbances, Atmospheric Rivers
  • Oceanic Processes: Air-Sea interaction, Mixed Layer Processes, Barrier Layer, Coastal and estuarine process, Waves, Tides, Eddy movement, carbon budget, Bio-geo-chemical cycling, Remote Sensing of Oceans. Shifting of Fishing zone, Sea Level Change and Impact. Ocean  Acoustics for Naval Applications.
  • Modelling of the Earth System Components: Recent advances of Atmospheric modelling, Ocean Modelling, River and Tide impact, Terrestrial dynamics and modelling, Cryosphere changes and modelling, Biodiversity. Application of Remote Sensing.
  • Cyclone and Thunderstorms: Track and Intensity of cyclone. Thunderstorms, its impact and recent changes.
  • Extreme Events: Flash flood events, heat waves, Storm Surges, Tsunami, Land Slides, and forest fires.
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Climate Change and Impact on water, food, energy and health. Sustainable development goal.
Important dates
  • Abstract submission: till 29 November 2019
  • Abstract acceptance: 01 – 15 December 2019
  • Registration Open: 10 – 30 December 2019
Registration fee
  • Regular registration: Rs. 5000/-
  • Students: Rs. 2000/-
  • Exhibition Stalls /booth: Rs. 20,000/-

Prof. Arun Chakraborty / Prof. ANV Satyanarayana,
Mobile: 09733539295/09933040079
E-mail: cessgs2020[at]

For registration & more details, click here.

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