CfP: Conference on Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity at LPU, Punjab [Feb 20]: Submit by Feb 13

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About the Conference

The prevailing intransigent global system and the left-over scars of the history has necessitated to address a person from being the just same or different to being an insider, an outsider or deviant in the prevailing multicultural society.

This led to certain individuals and social groups becoming deprived or prevented from participating fully and meaningfully by virtue of their poverty, the lack of competencies, and lack of lifelong learning opportunities because of discrimination. To create opportunities and remove the barriers to reach humans to enjoy their life in its fullest is the ultimate goal of any society.

Given this context of social diversity and social inequality, the most important challenge the world face today is how to assure the equality in diversity through inclusiveness and make this world a better place to live in. The equality, diversity, and inclusivity have various dimensions and this conference is intended to address the same through its various themes.

Call for papers
  • Social inclusion: The Way Forward
  • Journey from Marginalization to Social Equality and Inclusivity
  • Caste Discrimination and Social Change in India
  • Bridging the Rural and Urban Divide
  • Social Struggle for Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity: Political and Legal Perspectives
  • Tribal Empowerment in India: Issues and Challenges
  • Inclusive Approach for Good Governance
  • Refugees, Asylum seekers, Displaced and People of nowhere
  • Globalization: Economic Exclusion to Economic Inclusion
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity and Its Growth Implications
  • International Migration, Ethnic Rights and Economic Development
  • Socio-economic Inclusion in 21st Century
  • School Education: Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Higher Education: Awareness and Debates on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Issues.
  • Inclusive Education for Educational Equality as Capability Equality
  • Role of Educational Technology in Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Ethnic Assertions in Globalized World
  • Linguistic Diversity and Language Rights
  • Role of Literature and Art in Promoting Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity
  • Recent trends in language and Literature
  • Plurilingualism and Multicultural Society
Important dates
Last Date for Submission of Abstract: 13-2-2021
Last Date for Submission of Full Paper for Publication: 15-02-2021
Last Date for Submission of Full Paper for Presentation: 18-02-2021
Last Date for Online Registration: 18-02-2021
Delegate Category Registration Spot Registration
Students Rs. 750 1000
Research Scholars Rs. 900 1150
Faculty /Academicians/Industry Rs.1300 Rs. 1500
International Delegates Rs.3000 or UD$45 Rs.3200 or US$50
LPU Faculty Members 900 Rs.1150

Dr. Pavitar Parkash Singh
Contact- +91-7508144487
Email: pavitar.19476[at], ediic[at]

Conference on Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity at LPU, Punjab.


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