CfP: Conference cum Workshop on Rhythm of Happiness at IIT Kharagpur [Dec 10-12]: Submit by Jul 31: Expired

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About the Conference

Rhythm as an International Conference cum Workshop was envisaged last year by the School of Languages and Linguistics jointly with Sir C.V. Raman Centre for Physics and Music, Jadavpur University as a quest for the underlying rhythm that spans the massive Universe to the tiniest DNA.

The International Conference cum Workshop on Rhythm in Speech and Music from Neuro-cognitive perspectives (ICRSM 2020) in its debut endeavor held at Jadavpur University in January 2020, saw participation of eminent scientists, scholars, researchers and luminaries from across the globe. A special issue of the Jadavpur Journal of Languages and Linguistics has already been published as part of indexing about 60 contributory papers we had received during the Conference.

This year, the proposed theme of the Conference is “The Rhythm of Happiness – a Multidisciplinary Exploration”. Rhythm is a part of our very existence. We find it in the cycle of our life, seasons, years and days. It is a part of our waking life and our sleep.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

Our very bodies are rhythmic in the primordial rhythm of the heartbeat. Rhythm has various synonyms – flow, cycle, periodicity, throbbing, self-similarity, repetition, harmony – and pervades every walk of our lives. Interestingly, rhythm and happiness are intrinsically linked. Rhythm and flow allow us immersion in our work and happiness.

Happiness is also manifest in the rhythm of dance and music. Rhythm, in terms of harmony of colors, forms, work and leisure have the ability to induce happiness. Standing antithetical to chaos, lack of order, disorganization, disruption, distortion and disharmony, rhythm stands as antithetical to all that is negative. Thus, both as a cause and effect of happiness, it stands on two sides, paranthyzing happiness.

Call for Papers
  • Theme 1: Influence of Rhythm on Happiness and Wellbeing: Cognitive and Bio-Sciences Perspectives
  • Theme 2: The Rhythms of Happiness in Music, Visual Arts and Dance
  • Theme 3: Rhythms in Everyday Life and Culture & their contribution to Happiness and Wellbeing
  • Theme 4: Rhythm and Positive Psychology
  • Theme 5: Rhythm in Sound & Vibration: Wellbeing from Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives
  • Theme 6: Rhythm of Positive Communication: Language and Speech, Poetry
  • Theme 7: Ecological Rhythm, Environment and Wellbeing
  • Theme 8: Interdisciplinary exploration of rhythm and happiness
Important dates
  • Abstract submission deadline: 31 July, 2021 (Saturday)
  • Notification of acceptance: 15th August, 2021 (Sunday)
  • Early Bird Registration: 31st August, 2021 (Tuesday)
  • Submission of Full Paper: 30th September, 2021 (Thursday)

Call: +916291458725
Email: 2021.rhythm[at]

Conference cum Workshop on Rhythm of Happiness at IIT Kharagpur.

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