ASCI Conference MU Jaipur

CfP: Conference on Applied Scientific Computational Intelligence Using Data Science at Manipal University, Jaipur [Dec 22-23]: Submit by Oct 15

About the Conference

The international conference on Applied Scientific Computational Intelligence using Data Science (ASCI-2020) is an attempt to discuss the research challenges in the field of Data Science by applying scientific techniques in terms of computational intelligence.

It is an excellent platform to join forces and showcase exorbitant research and industry inventiveness, and to recognize and hear from experts in the field of Data Science. Data science is a huge diverted field. Different kind of algorithms, scientific techniques, processes and systems are used in data science to pull out knowledge and insights from Big Data i.e. structured and unstructured data.

It is a concept to data analysis; unify statistics, machine learning and their related methods. This conference aims to reveal into advanced methodologies, prototypes, systems, tools, and techniques of data science from academia, industry and government agencies scientists and practitioners. Whether it is information technology or hardware, banking to healthcare, automation and innovation are revolutionary in almost everything.

Cities and infrastructure are becoming smarter, health care is being integrated and education is becoming super-focused. The conference will bring together all topics of interest to those who are inclined towards computing and data science using intelligence techniques.

Call for papers
  • Track I: Big Data Management
    Heuristic Search, Nature inspired search
    Fuzzy and rough Sets
    Reinforcement Learning
    ANN and Deep Neural Networks
    Auto Encoder, GAN, Transfer Learning
    Data Optimization
    Data and Network Outsourcing Services
  • Track II: Computational Intelligence Techniques
    Algorithms and Models
    Cognitive Computing Development
    Business Intelligence and Strategies
    Machine learning and statistics
    Machine learning tools and techniques
    Fielded applications
    Generalization as search
    Machine Translation
    Data Communication and Intelligence
    Natural Language Processing
  • Track III: Data Science Applications
    Predictive and statistical analysis
    Application in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Data
    Drug Discovery and Genomic Sequencing
    Data analysis for improving defence security
    Cyber Security Analytics
    Data recommendation in social networks
    Data analysis of customer need in E-commerce
    Search Keyword analysis
    Web and Digital Media
    Business analytics in Agriculture

Registration details will be updated soon on the official website.


Email: linesh.raja[at], vaibhav.bhatnagar[at]
Call: Dr. Linesh Raja +91-9460439419, Dr. Vaibhav Bhatnagar+91-9785988729

Conference on Applied Scientific Computational Intelligence Using Data Science at Manipal University, Jaipur.



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