CfP: Biological Engineering Society Conference 2020 (BESCON) at IIT Kharagpur [Oct 2-4]: Submission Open

Biotechnology has been evolving and shifting its paradigm continuously by riding the waves of technological development and innovation. Societal needs also drive the innovation in this ever-emerging trans-disciplinary areas of study and research that have ushered in a new era of omics-inspired Blue, Green, Red and White Biotechnologies to address the scientific, economic and technological challenges in healthcare, energy, environment and waster industries.
Genome, metabolic and process scale engineering strategies have brought about revolutions in the industrial production of biopharmaceuticals, enzymes, biofuels and plethora of other value-added products in biorefineries through consolidated bioprocessing of wastes for viable and sustainable development.
Hence, BESCON’2020 is being organized by the Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in collaboration with the Biological Engineering Society (I), a scientific forum of the Biological engineers, scientists and technologists constituted in 2017 for the advancement of blue, green, red and white biotechnology.
BESCON-2020 with its unique theme “Gene & Process Scale Engineering for Consolidated Bioprocessing” will feature plenary/keynote/invited talks, oral presentations and poster sessions in the areas of Bioprocess and Biochemical Engineering, Genome and Metabolic Engineering, Systems and Synthetic Biology, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, Biorefineries for Biofuels and Sustainable Development.
It will serve as a platform to share and show- case one’s research findings among the peers in industry and academia. It will also provide us with a very good networking event for the academic and company professionals and students to take their research to the next level.

  • Genome and Metabolic Engineering
  • Bioprocess and Biochemical Engineering
  • Protein/Enzyme Engineering
  • Biorefineries for Biofuels and Value-added Products
  • Systems and Synthetic Biology
  • Sustainable Development
  • Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
  • Blue, Green, Red & White Biotechnology
  • Research Scholars/Post-Doctoral Fellows: Rs 3000-4000
  • Faculty (Member BESI): Rs 4500-6000
  • Faculty (Non-Member BESI): Rs 5500-7000
  • Accompanying Person: Rs 3000-4000
  • Industry Personnel: Rs 8000-10000
Important dates
  • Early bird: Available until August 03, 2020
  • Standard: After August 03, 2020 up to September 15, 2020

Prof. Ramkrishna Sen, Head – Biotechnology & Convener- Administration
Phone: +91-3222-282248 (Head’s office) & Mobile: +91-9474618882
E-mail: rksen[at]
Dr. Riddhiman Dhar, Joint Convener – Technical
Phone: +91-3222-304562 (office) & Mobile: +91-9051629689
E-mail: riddhiman.dhar[at]
Dr. Amit Ghosh, Joint Convener – Handling and co-ordination
Phone: +91-3222-260804 (office) & Mobile: +91-8918462398
E-mail: amitghosh[at]

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