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CfP: Annual Research Journal of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune: Submit by Oct 30

About the Journal

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (SCMS), Pune is coming out with its Ninth Annual Research Journal of SCMS, Pune on the broad theme “International Integration and Increasing Uncertainties” Global economy is getting highly integrated but so has been the uncertainty.

Average uncertainty has significantly increased since 2012 which may be well above its historical average. Events of international integration are also events of increasing international uncertainties- the 9/11 attacks, the SARS outbreak, the second Gulf War, the Euro area debt crisis, El Niño, the Europe bordercontrol crisis, Global warming, Ebola, the UK referendum vote for Brexit, and the US presidential elections and now the impact of Covid 19.

The deepening of financial integration over the last 30 years has led to a situation where individual countries appear to be exposed to common uncertainty shocks which could severely impact the policy makers and the masses alike. The simultaneous estimation of uncertainty and its effects has its own set of advantages & disadvantages over the use of other exogenous variables.

To discuss this increasing International integration and rising uncertainty for better managerial decision making, SCMS Pune invites academicians, industrialists, professionals, researchers and students in the field of management, social science and allied areas to contribute original papers/ case studies for this Ninth Annual Research Journal of SCMS.


Full Length Papers – These include mainly accomplished research results and should have a length of 3,000 – 5000 words.

Short Term Papers – These are mostly composed of work in progress reports or fresh developments and should be 2,500 – 3000 words in length.

Reflection Papers/Review Papers – These might review recent research literature pertaining to a particular problem or approach, indicate what the findings suggest, and/or provide a suggestion – with rationale and justification – for a different approach or perspective on that problem. Reflection papers might also analyze general trends or discuss important issues in topics related to Applied Computing. Length should be 1500- 2000 words.

Important dates
  • Submission Deadline: 30th October 2020
  • Notification to Authors: 2nd November 2020
  • First review: 30stNovember2020
  • Second review: 31st December 2020
  • Publication date: January 2021

Email: research-cell[at]

CfP: Annual Research Journal of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune.



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