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Professional Certificate in Human-Centered Design for Work at a Distance by University of British Columbia [Online, 2 Months]: Enroll Now

About the Course

Many of us have had to face a new reality of working at a distance, requiring us to take new approaches to how we work, and adapt the products and services our organizations offer. As distributed work continues to rise in popularity, there are already signs that these changes may lead to a “new normal”. Facebook, Twitter and Shopify are among several companies who are moving the majority of their workforces online, permanently.

Working remotely has many benefits, including increased employee productivity and satisfaction. Yet, it is not without its challenges: many individuals and organizations struggle to effectively adapt their businesses and interactions with others online.

Human-centered design (HCD) principles are used by successful companies worldwide to transform thinking and inspire innovation. This professional certificate program teaches you how to apply HCD strategies to reinvent your work reality, and support others who are doing the same.

What you will learn?
  • Gain a foundational understanding of human-centered design concepts and strategies, including rapid prototyping and iterative problem-solving.
  • Use visual models such as personas and user experience journeys to help generate and prototype tangible, innovative ideas, and improve collaboration with others.
  • Apply human-centered design tools and frameworks to solve a variety of distributed work challenges and other ‘wicked’ problems.
  • Identify, reflect and apply lessons learned from others to transform your own work-at-home situation, and also help others transform their work and/or business from a distance.
  • Human-Centered Design for Work at a Distance: Toolbox Essentials
  • Human-Centered Design for Work at a Distance: Prototype Solutions

2 Months (3-4 Hours per week)


₹21,607 For the full program experience.

To enroll in this course, click the link below.

Certificate in Human-Centered Design for Work 

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