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Centre for Civil Society’s 11th School Choice National Conference [Jan 22-23, Zoom]: Registration Open

About the Program

COVID-19 has wreaked unimaginable damage across the world. One sector, particularly hit hard, is school education. Schools all over have been shut for at least seven months. In India alone, the World Bank estimates a loss of $400 billion due to school closures. These closures have adversely affected nearly 320 million students. Long-term impact on learning outcomes is still undetermined. How do we make our regulatory framework accommodate and adapt to these changing realities?

We need to create a principles-based light-but-tight regulatory architecture. The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 recognizes the need for this. The Policy proposes to change the “overemphasis on inputs, and the mechanistic nature of their specifications” make requirements “more responsive to realities on the ground”. Given the overarching message of the Policy on achieving quality, innovation and equity and the challenges introduced by COVID-19, we need to focus on three aspects: envisaging regulations for new realities, exploring the future of schooling, and ensuring access and equity in education.

Through the 11th School Choice National Conference, we aim to address the question of how governments can build an effective institutional framework for private schools towards the goal of quality education for all. With three panels comprising state and Union government officials, educationists, and public administration experts, we propose to delve into each of the three aspects laid out above and assist government functionaries to develop an implementation blueprint for their respective states.

CCS Conference

Conference Dates: 22 and 23 January 2021

How to Register?
  • Interested participants can register for the conference through this link.
  • Registration for the conference is FREE.

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Centre for Civil Society’s 11th School Choice National Conference

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