eBaithak with Prashant Narang on Making a Living on the Streets [May 3, Zoom Webinar]: Registrations Open

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There are approximately 300,000 street vendors in the city of Delhi, out of which only 1,25,000 are considered ‘legal’ by the Delhi MCD.  Yet even these vendors regularly face harassment from police and officials in their struggle to continue with business. While the Street Vendors Act of 2014 had established some structure to help these local entrepreneurs, who are a big chunk of the informal economy, a lot more is still left to be done.

Prashant Narang, Associate Director, Research CCS, and Lawyer, Supreme Court of India will discuss the importance of institutions in shaping the incentive structure of actors, and in determining the outcomes, with a specific focus on the Street Vendors Regulation, which helps these entrepreneurs make a living on the streets in our capital.

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Sunday , May 3rd,  5:00 PM- 6:30 PM IST

About the Speaker

Prashant Narang is an entrepreneur-turned-advocate presently working as Associate Director – Research, CCS.  His most significant contributions at CCS include the Ease of Doing Business reforms recommendations and the Street Vendor Compliance Index. He has represented the street vendors before various courts – right from the courts of Municipal Magistrate to the Supreme Court of India. He recently submitted his doctoral thesis on the constitutional right to carry on business and trade in India to the Center for the Study of Law and Governance at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

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