CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year Competition; Sponsored Trips & GoPro for Winners: Submit by Nov 30: Expired

CBRE Urban Photographer Competition
The CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition is the largest of its kind, celebrating the richness and diversity of city life around the world by challenging both amateur and professional photographers alike to capture the essence of the urban environment.
The 2018 Urban Photographer of the Year competition is now open. Submit your photos today.
Competition closes Nov 30, 2017.
Cities of Connections: People, Places, Perspectives
Cities rarely align along a single axis. They thrive in a constant state of change, adaptation and evolution—driven by the people, places and perspectives that flow within them.
And today, more than ever, cities stand at the center of an unprecedented shift toward a truly interconnected world.
Where people come together to bring their individual and collective aspirations to life. Where innovation and tradition come together to reimagine our sense of place. And where the collision of cultures and ideas gives rise to new perspectives.
This year’s CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition challenges you to capture these connections between people, places and perspectives for your chance to win a range of great cash prizes.
There are plenty of exciting prizes up for grabs, from a photography trip of a lifetime, drones, GoPro packages and more. Additionally, each winner will be featured in and awarded the highly sought after UPOTY coffee table book distributed all over the world.

For more details, please visit this link.

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