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Cambridge International MUN

Applications for CUIMUN XXIII, happening from the 27th to 29th of October 2017, are now open. You may apply to a delegation (minimum 2 people).

Deadline for Delegations: 5th of September, 23:59 GMT

Important note: There will be an extended deadline for the Cambridge University Delegation.

Process of Application:

Online applications should be filled on this page.

Stage 1: After sending your applications, you will get contacted by our team within a week.

Stage 2: Receiving Acceptance and Invoice with a month to pay, once payments have been opened. Visas will be sent after payment. Your place will only be confirmed after payment (and your allocation).

Stage 3: Assignment of countries and committees after payment.

Stage 4: Delegations will be expected at this stage to submit the names of the people in their delegations and their associated committees.


Interested candidates are requested to check whether or not they require a visa for the UK by clicking here.

If you need visa, on the application form for Chairs, Delegates and Members of the Press Team please indicate you need a visa. The CUIMUN team will send you a visa letter after payment has been made. Please note that the letter does not guarantee a visa to be acquired.

If you do require a Visa, then we would like to ask you to bear in mind that arrangements to get one can take up to three weeks. Make sure that you do get one before coming to the UK and proceed carefully through the application resources and guidelines that can be found here.

For full details about the CUIMUN are available on the official website link given here.


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