Call for Proposals: Fighting Covid-19 by Technology Development Board [Financial Assistance Available]: Submit by March 27

Call for Proposals: Fighting Covid-19 by Technology Development Board [Financial Assistance Available]: Submit by March 27

Technology Development Board Fighting with Covid-19
Technology Development Board Fighting with Covid-19

In the last few decades various viral diseases have spread across continents and caused massive fatalities. The latest in the list is the COVID-19 pandemic which has put healthcare system of various countries out of gear. The disease typically spreads when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, spewing nasal and throat secretions into the air. Medical complications in such cases, invariable include acute respiratory problems requiring patients to be put under ventilation.


With an aim to contain and protect the general population from getting infected, clinical mask of appropriate efficiency must be available at all time. For the infected patients, home based ventilator systems must be made available in case the health care facilities are overburdened. Further, other products/technologies to monitor and control spread of diseases shall also be made available.
The Technology Development Board invites proposal applications from Indian companies and enterprises to address protection and home-based respiratory intervention for COVID-19 patients. The proposal may include technologically innovative solution towards:

  • Low cost masks which can capture virus from air and absorb respiratory droplets
  • Cost effective Thermal Scanning
  • Large area sanitization and sterilization (including electrostatic spray and Ultra Violet treatment for various available surfaces like glass, ceramic, wood, textile etc)
  • Bioinformatics and Surveillance
  • Rapid and Accurate Diagnosis kit (paper based and other point of care devices)
  • AI and IOT based solution for contact-less entry
  • Oxygenators and ventilators (Low cost and portable)
  • Or any other related technology
Financial Assistance

The Board provides financial assistance by means of soft loans (up to 50% of project cost @ 5% simple interest per annum), Equity participation (up to a maximum of 25% of the project cost) or grant in exceptional cases, for the purpose of:

  • Encouraging the commercial application of indigenously developed technology; and
  • For adapting imported technology to wider domestic application. The proposal may indicate the desired mode of funding.
Process of Evaluation

The submitted proposals will be evaluated on the basis of scientific, technical, commercial and financials merits.

How to Apply?

Interested applicants can submit proposals through this link.

Submission Deadline

March 27, 2020

For further details, click here.

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