Call for Proposals: Early Translation Accelerator at BIRAC, New Delhi [Grants Upto Rs. 1 Cr]: Applications Open!


BIRAC is supporting Early Translation Accelerators (ETAs) to focus on catalyzing the transformation of young academic discoveries (publications/patents) with possible commercially viable ventures and technologies. The aim of ETA is to add the translational component to establish proof-of-concept/ Validation and to attract industry to take these validated technologies further in terms of development and is expected to collaborate with academic investigators, engage industry and to leverage international translation ecosystems.

Two ETA have been already established at C-CAMP and IIT-Madras Bioincubator. Early Translation Accelerator (ETA), focusses on catalyzing a transformation of young academic discoveries (publications/patents) with possible commercial and societal impact into economically viable ventures and technologies.

Components of ETA
  1. A continuous flow of discoveries, with potential applications, from academic investigators.
  2. A scientific component that evaluates, collaborates and provides technology access to the discovery projects.
  3. Early engagement with industry and investors to help drive the discoveries and validated technologies towards successful commercialization through mentoring, partnerships and Technology transfer.
Who can Apply?
  • Bio incubators
  • National Research Laboratories
  • Government-funded Laboratories
  • National Institutes with demonstrated experience in performing translational activities in the proposed area.

Discoveries from Healthcare, agriculture, industrial biotechnology and other important areas of Biotechnology may be considered for validation under early translation accelerator.


To achieve sustainability towards the core functioning of the ETA module through technology transfer etc. ETA can propose a budget for core module (not more than Rs. 1 crore, Funding may be provided for bench-top equipment and manpower, travel and contingency.) along with project budge.

Selection of Projects

The projects will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Available data to consider as ETA project
  • Clarity on objectives to be achieved under ETA
  • Strength to accomplish the objectives
  • Commercial potential (The technology should have a sizeable market as well as Intellectual Property (IP) generation potential)
  • National importance
  • Mandate of ETA
How to Apply?

To apply for the proposals, click here.


Phone Number: + 91-11-24389600

For further details, click here.

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