Call for Proposal: Winter/ Summer Media Internship at National Mission of Himalayan Studies [Monthly Stipend Rs. 8k]: Apply by Sept 30: Expired


The National Himalayan Studies Mission is presently executing 136 projects and half of these projects envisage field demonstrations/pilot models on the ground. As discussed in the last STAG some such field-based projects can provide a good opportunity for young students to do Summer/Winter internship while pursuing a Master’s Degree in Mass Communications in media Institutions established in Himalayan states.

The mission also aims to bring the ongoing projects to the terrestrial evaluation and achieve the achievements that come out of them in a fair light. In this context, NMHS-PMU assessed the demand of students from reputed media institutions of all Himalayan states and they have shown interest in taking up this internship project of 4 weeks duration in Summer/Winter vacations.

In this assessment, the students of the respective institutions will be assigned a project in nearby areas for evaluation in a group of two students. Students will be given the prescribed format for this work by PMU.

Objectives of the Internship
  • To assess the terrestrial realization of projects operated under NMHS.
  • To evaluate the relevance of field demonstrations/pilots, new products, newly developed models in the operated projects and valuation of projects with direct benefit to the local community.
  • According to the nature of the projects, e.g., livelihood, water conservation, biodiversity conservation, skill development, etc. quantify the benefits accrued and deliverables achieved in the field.
Internship Details
  1. For this purpose, two skilled students will be selected on merit from each state base Institutes for each project. A total of 40 projects will be taken up each time and 80 such students will be selected each term.
  2. Selected students will be trained in PMU before visiting for the field reporting in a prescribed format developed according to the mission’s goals and objectives.
  3. Selected students will make objective reporting after staying for a minimum of 1 week in the project area.
  4. By interviewing all the stakeholders in the field, they will know the stakeholder’s views about the project.
  5. For the reporting and documentation task, each student will be given 2 weeks’ time after coming back from the field.
  6. Each student is proposed to be paid Rs. 8000 as a stipend for this work and TA & DA will be paid by PMU according to the rule.
  • Selected students from reputed media institutions form IHR will be trained and given each state for reporting/ evaluation of projects near them in a set format.
  • It will be a kind of terrestrial or third party evaluation.
  • Students will assess the accomplishment of projects during Summer and winter internships.
  • It will draw how the projects are in the path of Sustainable development goals.
  • Evaluate projects in terms of local profits particularly to backward, Dalits and deprived society in the area.
  • To download the application form, click here.
  • Interested candidates can submit their proposals to Er. Kireet Kumar, Scientist-G and Nodal Officer NHMS-PMU, GBPNIHESD Kosi, Katrmal, Almora at

Email ID:

For further details, click here.

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