Call for Papers: Chalchitra Darpan (UG Film Journal) by Film Society of Miranda House: Submit by Oct 10: Expired

Submissions are invited for Chalchitra Darpan (UG Film Journal) by Film Society of Miranda House for the year 2021. The last date of submission is 10 October.

About Theme: Sex & Horror

The employment of human sexuality and gendered human subjectivity have been irrefutable tools for horror cinema, since the inception of the genre. Much of horror cinema, about human monsters or non-human ones (the other), about vengeful spirits from the past or demonic possession in the present, breeds on irrationality, which in psychoanalytic terms, is always sexual in origin and nature.

The concept of sexual awakening- from the carnal kind (vampirism and cannibalism) which we first saw in 1931 (Dracula) to ‘sex equals death’- has more often than not been one of the main features of most of horror’s sub-genres. The slasher film, a sub-genre of horror, is filled right to the brim with sexual connotation to the extent that it encroaches dangerously on the pornographic— the key to the genre being the “final girl” trope. Likewise, we find unwarranted depictions and stereotypes of gender and sexuality cloaked in a general formula found within plots in all sub-genres of horror cinema.

Different places breed different horrors- the term “horror” itself is informed and perceived differently, depending on the attitudes and the understanding of not only sex, sexuality and gender, but also class, race and caste. The spectre’s hauntings are a product of historicity.

Horror externalizes the intimate and fragile realms of human sensibilities, magnifying terror, fear, and desire to a brash crescendo. What does horror’s treatment of sexuality, sex and gender say, if anything at all, about the genre as a product of its time, place, and audience? Is there a difference between low brow and artisanal horror specifically in how they approach sex as an act, sex as violence, or the gendered body as the site of horror?


Topics to discuss and analyse sex and horror may include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • The female body as object
  • Gendered tropes and patterns in horror
  • Horror as the realisation of revenge fantasy
  • Queer narratives in horror
  • Some aspects of body horror
  • Gothic masculinity
  • Consumption in, and of, horror- vampirism, cannibalism, et al.
  • Trans-horror narratives
  • Psychological horror
  • Gendered agency and survival in horror
  • Fetishism
  • Voyeurism
  • Nudity and sexual excess
  • Sex, sexuality and gender in cross-cultural encounters vis-à-vis horror
  • Queer monstrosity: The “otherisation” of the spectre
  • B-grade horror, with reference to the Ramsay films
  • Sex and sexuality in the slasher film
  • Psychoanalysis in, and of, horror


Proposal abstracts should be limited to 250 words and must be accompanied by an indicative bibliography. A brief biography of the author of approx. 150 words should be provided along with the abstract. Abstracts should be sent through as Word Documents and titled “For consideration: Author First name Author Surname” (e.g. For consideration: Mary Poppins).

Please mail your proposal to: chalchitradarpan[at]

Important dates

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 10th October, 2021
  • Abstract Decision Announcement: 25th October, 2021
  • First Draft Deadline: 30th December, 2021
  • Final Draft Deadline: 20th January, 2022
  • Final Draft with Corrections: 30th January, 2022


Faaria Hilaly, Chief Editor
Call: 08753008135

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