Call for Chapters: The Smart Cyber Ecosystem for Sustainable Development Principles, Building Blocks & Paradigms: Submit by May 31

Call for Chapters: The Smart Cyber Ecosystem for Sustainable Development Principles, Building Blocks & Paradigms: Submit by May 31

Call for Book chapters 2020
Call for Book chapters 2020
About the Book

The Internet of Things (IoT) aims at connecting several physical objects or things to the existing internet. Those things, equipped with sensing, computing and communicating facilities, would generate a huge volume of data that could easily challenge the paucity of an organization’s infrastructure to manage it with an acceptable level of data protection and integrity.

This book aims at collecting unique ideas and experience of AI, IoT and Blockchain domains for a wide slice of the communication and networking community. The book title is quite generic, however only the most pressing relevant topics aiming at the sustainable socio-economic development and improving life quality shall be tickled.

The ultimate objective of this volume is to offer a valuable reference to the academia and industrial community that could cover innovative research-oriented ideas, implementation experiences and socio-economic perspectives pertaining to IoT, AI and Blockchain such as applications, platforms, gateways, communications, use cases, algorithms, protocols, architectures and surveys.

Call for chapters
  • AI, IoT and / or Blockchain: introduction, applications, trends, challenges, capabilities, standards, procedures, architectures, algorithms and protocols
  • IoT as a Technology Integrator / Co-existence of different technologies
  • AI and Blockchain based smart and secure CPS and Industry 4.0
  • M2M and IoB (business aspects, models and opportunities)
  • Smart / Intelligent Infrastructures (cities, health, agriculture, industry, etc.)
  • Big Data & Analytics using IoT, AI and Blockchain
  • AI and Blockchain enabled Cloud / Fog / Edge Computing
  • Cybersecurity and privacy fundamentals
  • Networking and security architectures for intelligent applications
  • AI-based Cyberattack analyses and attack patterns in smart systems
  • Knowledge-based, agent-based, swarm, NLP, fuzzy and neural networks for IoT applications
  • IoT resource allocation & management using AI Techniques
  • Artificial Intelligence for human to machine communication
  • AI technologies for network mobility management
  • Machine Learning for smart applications
  • Machine Learning for cybersecurity
  • Context-aware networks
  • Intelligent Software Design Networks
  • Cognitive aspects of AI based IoT applications
  • Augmented Intelligence and AI capabilities for IT operations
  • Social Implications of IoT based intelligent systems
  • Implementation Issues (Algorithms, Tools, Simulators and Testbeds)
  • IoT, AI and Blockchain: legal, ethical, operability, licensing issues & policy implementation
  • Energy efficient hybrid IoT systems for ambient living
  • Challenges, barriers, and drivers of IoT implementation in the local, social, or national contexts
  • Privacy and security issues, and related AI policies affecting IoT deployments
Important dates
  • Last Call for Chapter Proposal (500-1000 Words): 31st May 2020
  • Notification of Proposal Approval: 1st July 2020
  • Full Chapter Submission: 31st August 2020
  • Review of Chapters notification to Authors: 30th September 2020
  • Revised Chapter Submission from Chapter Authors: 31st October 2020
  • Final Acceptance/Rejection Notifications to Chapter Authors: 20th November 2020

Interested candidates can submit chapters on this page.


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