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Call for Chapters: Implementation of Smart Healthcare Systems using AI, IoT, and Blockchain: Submit by Feb 15: Expired

About the Book

The confluence of AI, big data analytics, Blockchain, and IoT in the healthcare sector can open new avenues for patient care, administrative processes, clinical decision support, EHR management and monitoring and management of various medical services. This book provides imperative research on the development of Data fusion and analytics for smart healthcare, their implementation into current issues in a real-time environment.

The novel applications of Data fusion and analytics for healthcare can be regarded as an emerging field in computer science, information technology, and biomedical engineering. The IoT helps in the creation of smart spaces by changing existing environments into sensor-enabled data-centric cyber-physical systems with a rising degree of automation, leads to Industry 4.0. 

The various topics that we plan to cover in this book proposal include various enabling technology for providing a comprehensive description of intelligent health informatics approaches. Each chapter shall focus on specific technological approach towards intelligent data fusion and analytical approaches for improved healthcare.

These will include optimization techniques and algorithms applied for improved data fusion methodologies. Genetic Algorithms, Particle Swam Intelligence etc. approaches for improved, effective and efficient fusion of data. Use of Immersive technologies for effective data visualization and for use of integrated health sensors data.

The importance, opportunities, issues and challenges of Immersive technologies (AR/VR/MR) when applied to healthcare ecosystem shall be discussed. Specifically, in terms of effective diagnostics, treatment, modelling etc. Apart from this, cost and time-efficient medical data fusion strategies will be the prime focus of the book.

Topics of Interest
  • Chapter 1:   AI for Intelligent Healthcare System 
  • Chapter 2:   IoT based Effective Health Monitoring 
  • Chapter 3:   Sensor and Actuators for Smart Healthcare in Post COVID-19 World 
  • Chapter 4:   Intelligent Approaches for Diseases detection, prevention and treatment 
  • Chapter 5:   Intelligent Data fusion and Standardization Approaches for Effective Data Management and Analysis 
  • Chapter 6:   Security and Privacy Issues in Smart Healthcare 
  • Chapter 7:   AI enabled Internet of Medical Things 
  • Chapter 8:   Predictive and Preventive Healthcare 
  • Chapter 9:   Gold Standard Medical Datasets and Bechmarks Regulations for Effective Modeling and Analysis- Need, opportunities anmd Importance.
  • Chapter 10. Blockchain for Transparent, Privacy preserved and Secure Health Data Management . 
  • Chapter 11: Issue and Challenges in Adoption of Smart Healthcare 
  • Chapter 12: Effective Remote Healthcare and Telemedicine Approaches  
  • Chapter 13: Intelligent and Sustainable Approaches for Medical Big Data Management 
  • Chapter 14: Future Generation healthcare Solutions
Submission Guidelines

Prospective contributors are invited to submit chapter proposal along with title, author details and tentative TOC to cchakrabarty@bitmesra.ac.in with the subject “Elsevier: ISHS’21”. The abstract should highlight the novelty and contribution of the proposed article. 

Important Deadline
Abstract Submission15th February 2021
Full Chapter Submission20th March 2021
Status Notification30th April 2021


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