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Call for Chapters: Digital Health Transformation with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: Submit by June 30: Expired

About the Book

This book will mainly cover the global digital revolution for the post-pandemic era. The population has been overcoming the COVID period; therefore we need to establish smart healthcare systems using various emerging technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The recent advanced technology helps to promote green and clean modern societies endlessly. The Internet of things (IoT) will be dominating an essential role in the upcoming years in remote health monitoring, and sustainable development through digital transformations.

Smart healthcare technology can be defined as using smartphone and electronic technology for good diagnosis of the diseases, improves treatment of the patients, and enhanced quality of life. Technology-enabled healthcare provides current and future needs of medical organizations, providers, telemedical agents, patients, and doctors. This is the most emerging and demanding platform for the population. This technology gives an easy access facility, supports emergency care service, expanded usage, enhanced impact, and extended communications. 

Finally, the book shall explore the role of blockchain in providing a transparent, faster, secure, and privacy-preserved healthcare ecosystem for the masses. Artificial Intelligence is considered here for providing intelligent healthcare systems. 

Key features include

  • How IoT can be integrated with the healthcare ecosystem for better diagnostics, monitoring, and treatment of the patients. 
  • AI for predictive and preventive healthcare
  • Blockchain for managing healthcare data to provide transparency, security, and distributed storage.
  • Effective Remote diagnostics and telemedicine approach for developing smart care.
Topics of Interest
  • Digital Health risk identification using Big data 
  • Smart Health care Systems using AI
  • The clinical challenges for digital health revolution
  • AI for advanced healthcare systems
  • Cloud based IoMT for early COVID-19 Diagnosis and Monitoring 
  • IoMT based Early Detection and Care 
  • Issues and challenges in adoption of smart digital healthcare
  • Medical IoT: Opportunities, Issues in Security and Privacy 
  • Intelligent approaches for diseases diagnosis, prevention and treatment
  • Artificial Intelligence and Public Trust on Smart Healthcare System
  • Blockchain for Transparent, Privacy preserved and Secure Health Data Management
  • Blockchain in Transforming Healthcare
  • Effective Remote Healthcare and Telemedicine Approaches
  • Digital Data Mining for Healthcare System
  • E-health, m-Health, and Telemedicine for the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Biomedical Data Preserving Via Medical Cloud Computing 

Dr. Chinmay Chakraborty, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Jharkhand, India

Author Benefit
  • There is no fee to be paid. 
  • Lead author of each chapter will receive one complimentary copy of the book
How to Submit?

Prospective contributors are invited to submit chapter proposal along with title, author details and tentative TOC to with the subject “CRC-BHBA’21”. Abstract should highlight the novelty and contribution of the proposed article. 

Important Dates
Abstract Submission30th June 2021
Full Chapter Submission25th July 2021
Status Notification30th August 2021


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