Call for Book Chapters: Social and Sustainability Marketing: Submit by Jul 30: Expired

About the Book

This book will present a collection of teaching cases that discusses and emphasizes how 21st- century organizations are addressing socially responsible consumers and meeting their need while keeping their business profitable. The main objective of this book is to understand through real-life case studies the practice of marketing for the benefit of society.

This book will help students to develop a critical understanding of the social marketing, sustainability marketing, and allied strategies used in marketing. The case studies presented focus on creating, communicating and delivering customer value to socially responsible consumers through various marketing strategies, processes and programs. By illustrating a range of actual marketing situations, these case studies will help students acquire the skills they need to make informed marketing decisions.

This book will be composed of long and short real cases with varying complexity in different sectors. This case book will also cover a few review articles and original research for an overview of the recent developments in the study area.

With the case studies, collection of questions, teaching materials, and real-life marketing scenarios, this book offers a unique source of knowledge to its readers. This publication is an essential reference source for educators, early readers, university students, researchers, and practitioners interested in socially responsible marketing.

  • Sustainable and responsible consumption
  • Social marketing
  • Sustainability marketing
  • Green marketing
  • Environmental marketing
  • Responsible marketing
  • Nonprofit marketing
  • Social responsibility
  • Corporate social responsibility (including marketing communications)
  • Peace marketing and promotion
  • Healthcare marketing and promotion (for social good)
  • Circular economy
  • Ethical marketing
  • Holistic marketing
  • Sales issues and sustainability
  • Consumer behavior related to green products
  • Product disposal and waste management
  • Digital marketing for social good
  • Sustainable branding
  • Public policy and communication for social good
  • Behavioral interventions and change for social good
  • Macro, meso, micro perspectives to creating social change
  • UN sustainable development goals
  • Sustainability reporting and communication in business networks
  • Measuring sustainability and sustainability practices
  • The cultural aspect of marketing for social good
  • Responsible education for social good (capacity building for behavioral change)
  • Regional activities of sustainability and social marketing (Like village level)
  • Communicating sustainability and socially responsible practices by corporates to stakeholders
  • Social media and communication for social good
  • Online community promoting social good
  • Green advertising effectiveness, practices, approaches from around the world
  • Media choice and media planning for communicating social good
  • Creative approaches in marketing communication for social good
Important dates
  • Chapter Submission: July 30, 2020
  • Reviews and Decisions due: August 15, 2020
  • Revised Chapters due: September 30, 2020

All proposals should be submitted to j.author.connect@gmail.com


Jishnu Bhattacharyya*
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
Email: Jishnu.connect[at]gmail.com

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