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The modern education sector has been revolutionized with the introduction of educational apps. In this generation of new technology, Byju’s-The Learning App has changed the way of learning. The mobile application comes with a format that creates an air of interest around topics and thus it is transforming the traditional way of learning into an enthralling journey.

Maths is one of the most interesting subjects that students enjoy learning. But often students claim that maths is a difficult subject because of its numerous formulas and complex concepts. Byju’s-The Learning App is the best way to study maths and enjoy the theories and formulas of the subject. The mobile app was launched in the year 2015 which has more than 10 million downloads till now. Thousands of students around the world are benefiting from this educational app and enjoying learning maths and various subjects. The Byjus app review along with some attractive features of Byju’s-The Learning App is given below.

Interactive Video Lessons

Attractive and colorful videos attract children a lot. And when it comes to maths, students must understand the concept to score well in their exam. Byju’s app provides interactive video lessons with 3D animation and in-air projection so that students can visualize the concepts and learn in a better way.

Adaptive learning

Every student has their own pace and comfort zone of learning. Byju’s app has a feature called adaptive learning, which enables students to learn at their own pace rather than keeping up with their teacher in school. Adaptive learning is one of the most revolutionary features of Byju’s-the Learning App which helps students to learn comfortably in an interactive manner.

Topic wise test

Byju’s help students to check their progress after completing every topic rather than completing a full chapter. The test includes various conceptual questions and problems. This feature helps students to evaluate themselves as they can know their mistakes and weak sections. For example, if a student is learning the chapter circles, he or she will have to give a test after completing topics like area of a circle, properties of circles, etc.

Maths games

One of the easiest ways to engage students in studying is through games. Byju’s app has numerous maths games and quizzes that students can participate to compete against each other. There are different levels of the games, so students can challenge themselves while playing. Students can also participate in all India quizzes in the app and see where they rank among everyone.

These were some of the interesting features of Byju’s-the Learning App. Students can download this app from the Google Play Store to enjoy maths and other subjects.


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