Ignacia Fest @ Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management Science, Kolkata [April18-19]: Registration Open: Expired

About the event
This fest has events spread across various spectrums such as performing arts, fine arts, literature, sports and management. Our endeavor that Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan institute of Management science takes is back by the vision of productively contributing to the society, an aim that every Company as a part of its corporate Social responsibility.
The main events of the fest are given below:

  1. Educational Events
  2. Sports Events
  3. Recreational Events
  4. On-Spot Events

For more details, click here
For registration, click here
Upayan Dey Hazra (8910847566)
Rohit Majumdar (8420780617)
Rishi Sarkar (7987004968)
Aritra Ghosh (8583913220)
Dia Bhattacharya (8902233270)

For full details, please visit the fest website link given here

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