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JOB POST: JRF under DST-SERB-CRG Project @ BITS Pilani, Rajasthan [Monthly Fellowship Upto Rs. 35K]: Apply by July 10: Expired

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Birla Institute of Technology (BITS) Pilani invites applications from eligible candidates to work as a Junior Research Fellow (JRF) as part of DST-SERB-CRG project (Project No.CRG/2018/002943) at Chemical Engineering Department, BITS-Pilani- Pilani campus,

Project Title

Process development for bio-mitigation of flue gases (CO2, SOx, and NOx) using chemolithotrophs and production of value-added products.

Project Duration

3 years.

Principal Investigator (PI)

Dr Smita Raghuvanshi.


Dr Suresh Gupta.

Project Description

Flue gases are typically generated by the burning of fossil fuels such as natural gas, fuel oil, and coal. CO2 represents 68% of GHG emission into the atmosphere and SOx is one of the main causes of acid rain and leads to the degradation of the ozone layer.

NOX (NO, NO2) is one of the major contributors of photochemical smog, acid rain formation and tropospheric ozone formation in urban air. Hence the project aims at an economical, efficient, and effective biological alternative for mitigation and utilization of CO2, SOX, and NOX using chemolithotrophs.  Therefore, the project focuses on exploring the capabilities of chemolithotrophs for mitigating CO2, SOx and NOx in dark at lab scale bioreactor/ fermenter and the production of valuable chemicals within the framework of carbon capture utilization (CCU).

Further, the integration of the developed bio-mitigation system with industrial liquid effluent containing inorganic chemicals (Fe[II], S2O3 2-, heavy metal ions in reduced form, NO3-, etc.) which act as a liquid media for chemotrophic growth can further reduce the cost of bio-mitigation system and can simultaneously address the problem of water pollution.  Thus, the integration of CO2, SOx, NOx mitigation, wastewater treatment and downstream processing for the product recovery envisage the idea of bio-refinery.


Rs. 31,000/- per month for 2 years and Rs. 35,000/- per month in 3rd year.

Essential Qualifications

M.E./M.Tech with at least 60% marks in Chemical Engineering/Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology or relevant area. Desirable Qualification Motivated to carry out a quality research work in the relevant area and a priori experience of working on Gas chromatography would be add on.

Application Procedure

Candidates should email bio-data to the PI (smita@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in) by 10th July 2019. Shortlisted candidates will be informed through email and called for interview to be held at Chemical Engineering Department, BITS-Pilani- Pilani Campus, Rajasthan.

Important Information

  • For any queries regarding the position or project work, please email PI.
  • The position mentioned is temporary and for the period of duration of the project (3 years).
  • The selected candidate will be encouraged to join the Ph.D. program of BITS-Pilani as per institute rules.
  • If the performance of the candidate is found unsatisfactory, the position can be terminated with 1-month notice.
  • No TA/DA will be paid for attending the interview.


Email: smita@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.in.

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