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Bhupindra International Public School is pleased to bring 4th edition of Model United Nations which will be held on 16th-17th November at Bhupindra International Public School, Patiala-147001.

The Committees to be stimulated and their agendas are:

  • United Nations General Assembly: Discussing and combating the impacts of drugs and narcotics
  • United Nations Human Rights Council: LGBT Rights
  • All India Political Parties Meet
    • Review of law relating to sexual offences with special reference on marital rape and gender neutrality
    • Discussion of current inter-state dispute

Fees Structure:

  • Rs. 1200(Without Accommodation)
  • Rs. 3000(With Accommodation)

Apply now as a delegate or an International Press Member by clicking here.

  • Raghav Garg: 9877294507
  • Vansh Gaint: 9914303339
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